Bamboo Mod Baby Sleeper

Bamboo Mod Baby Sleeper


Evolution Mine is proud to present the Woombie Bamboo Baby Mod Sleeper. The Woombie is designed and sold by a RN/BSN, Mom’Preneur! 


The Bamboo Mod Sleeper:


Sleep with style and sophistication with these bamboo sleepers for babies! At Mod’Swad, we offer modern, vintage & fashion forward swaddle organic bamboo sleepwear for your baby. With our stunning look & soft pure fibers, what more could you expect? Our Organic Bamboo/Spandex blend will swaddle and cradle your baby in comfort and luxury!
Features & Benefits:

  • Lightweight sleeper
  • 95% Organic Bamboo/5% Spandex
  • 20+ lb size fits up to 2T
  • Soft and Comfortable swaddling
  • Breathable
  • Easy to use
  • Knot assists to adjust length with a fabulous vintage look 


    Karen Barski Designs is a family owned business which was built with the love and safety of babies in mind – with a sensitivity towards mom’s and dad’s needs too. All of our products are geared towards the theme SWADDLE, SNUGGLE, AND SLEEP. KBD are Environmentally conscious, as all of their products are manufactured in an eco-friendly factory and manner. No harsh chemicals, no flame retardants. They practice strict compliance per CPSIA standards. Strict safety testing using CPSIA standards and testing in a CPSIA third party accredited testing facility are top priority.

    Do Woobie products comply with current safety standards? Absolutely!

    Woombie products have been tested by a CPSIA approved 3rd Party Accredited Laboratory and have passed in all of the mandatory and regulated areas:

    The following are their testing standards:

    • Less than 90 ppm lead, no phthalates
    • Hazards (zipper torque, snap strength, small parts, points)
    • Flammability
    • Safety (monofilament thread)
    • Lead in Surface coating and substrates
    • Formaldehyde
    • Zipper strength
    • Product labeling
    • Colorfastness/Appearance after laundering
    • TOG appropriateness
    • Skewing/torque
    • Dimensional stability


    Parents love Woombie because of its easy IN/OUT design, stay put zipper which will not open or unravel and its unique 4 way stretch material. In a nut-shell, Woombie helps to maintain the comfort levels of both baby and parent, easing undue stress and promoting a more  peaceful environment, which is greatly, greatly needed and appreciated during the first few months  of life during transition from the womb. Needless to say, I wish I had  the Woombie with my 2 daughters before Bella.  It has helped me, my husband  Stash and our babies Bella, Bryce and Brody tremendously!  So many new parents and babies are achieving a smoother transition from womb to 6 months after using the Woombie.

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