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hemp and bamboo superstore
Evolution Mine is defined as a process of gradual and relatively peaceful social, political, and economic advance, that which belongs to me.
— #amandaanderic
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Welcome to the Evolution

Evolution Mine is something new. EM only sells products of hemp and Bamboo to create an #economy4all

Now, the People have a choice and a voice that can bankrupt Oil, Gas, and Petrochemical companies by creating options to buy instead of just boycotting Oil and Coal. By shifting to plant based products, all of a sudden profits will dry up for new pipelines, petrochemical plants and political campaigns.

Our formula is simple.

Hemp replaces oil. Bamboo replaces Coal.

An Evolutionary Father’s Day

This year give your Favorite Dad Hemp and Bamboo.

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Hemp & Bamboo

Our formula is simple. Hemp replaces oil. Bamboo replaces Coal. There are many similarities in the two crops, from their uses in consumer products, energy generation, medicinal purposes, and repairing the environment. Big business knows it.

If Hemp and Bamboo were sold as mainstream products, all we are missing is the power of women to cause the greatest shift of wealth and power in modern history.

Hemp & Bamboo for the Sitting Rooms

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His Hemp & Bamboo 


This is an Evolution of the resources we use as humans to sustain our home, our travel, and ourselves

How many Oil, Coal, and Chemical companies are owned by Women? There is the “Glass” Ceiling.

YOU can cause the largest shift in power and wealth in history by switching from toxic resources owned by the few to organic hemp & bamboo grown by you!

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Skate Bamboo - More Pop.

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"How we get there from here…"

— TreeHugger Magazine

We’re Building a Toxin Free Economy 


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EM does not pay for ads on Facebook & Google. EM pays YOU! We are building an #economy4all by paying you to share our message, products & mission with your friends, fans & family.

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