Horizon Long Sleeve Hemp Tee

Horizon Long Sleeve Hemp Tee


Evolution Mine is present Dash Hemp - the Santa Cruz , Cali Hemp Fashion has been around since 1997 creating a hemp style as well rounded as the plant they’re made of.

The Horizon Long Sleeve Hemp Tee- Not just a T shirt....an experience!
Smartly styled from a dream duo of natural fibers: durable hemp and soft organic cotton. Tough enough for outdoor adventures and classy enough for casual Fridays at the office.
Un-tucked looks terrific. They will last for years, and never lose their shape.
Superior knit jersey resists wrinkles and kills bacteria staph and fungus. Naturally anti-microbial hemp clothes can be worn over and over with no aroma. Really! 
Versatile colors in an 9.3oz blend of 55% hemp, 45% organic cotton. The most comfortable, upscale tee-shirt you've ever worn. Terrific for travel.


  • Horizontal detailing across the chest 

  • Hem grommets and patch detailing 

  • Sleeve and Hem ribbing (No other company does this!)

  • Durable 8 oz. 55% hemp/ 45% cotton 

  • Naturally antimicrobial.

  • Wear for days with no "aroma".... Really!

  • Keeps it shape wash after wash.

  • Machine wash and dry. Wrinkle-free

  • Terrific for travel clothing.


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Hand or machine wash cool or warm.

Line dry or dryer medium temp

Comes out wrinkle-free.

Sleeve and Hem Ribbing...maintains the shape of the garment

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Hemp and Bamboo. Good for You. Good for the Planet.


Bankrupt Oil, Coal & Petrochemicals.

Protest hasn’t worked. Purchase will. By purchasing bamboo & hemp products you are creating a demand for two plants that can replace oil & coal.

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Dash Hemp

The company's founder and owner, Richard Dash has an extensive back round in the apparel business in retail and manufacturing.

International travel afforded Dash a unique perspective on the plight of third world people. He has seen firsthand the living and working conditions in these countries, and is very sensitive to manufacturing conditions. Dash Hemp works only with sweat-free labor in manufacturing their Hemp clothing, not in big factories, but in small work shops in China, where the Hemp is grown.

His passion for Hemp began in 1997, when Dash attended the WHEE Festival in Oregon. That visit convinced him that Hemp was the Fiber of the future for apparel, and indeed, could eventually play a major role in the apparel industry in the U.S. spent 2 days in Oregon with hemp manufacturers and piece good importers, purchased some jersey material, and began manufacturing T shirts in Los Angeles.

Dash became involved in the Hemp Movement to legalize industrial Hemp in 1998, and continues to design and manufacture some of the most unique garments in the Hemp Industry. High quality, versatility, and attention to detail are his primary concerns. Dash Hemp knits exclusive, innovative fabrics for use in their garments. He was the first to combine Hemp and Bamboo in 2001, and was the first to combine Hemp, Organic Cotton and Bamboo in Dash Hemp's "Green Dream" fabrication for their upscale T shirts.

Dash constantly pushes his contractors to provide better and better working conditions, and creative incentive plans for these contractors and their workers.