Hemp Socks sets for men

Hemp Socks sets for men

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Evolution Mine introduces the Hemp Organic Life Comfortable, natural organic Hemp socks for your legs. Beautifully handmade in the Ukraine.
Socks with hemp have the unique properties:
1) Moisture absorption
2) Free Air Circulation
3) Antibacterial and antifungal disease protection
4) Durable and wear-resistant
Your foot doesn’t sweat, because hemp fiber fabrics ideally absorbs moisture and helps the natural circulation of air.

Hemp fabrics has antibacterial and healing properties, helps to prevent fungal diseases.

Socks are thin and worn in summer and winter. Even if your shoes are made of unnatural materials, hemp socks will improve air circulation.

In winter: moisture is not not collected and not evaporates form a skin surface, so your leg is not cooling.
In summer: your foot does not sweat, fresh smell keeps longer, than in usual socks.
It is widely known that the hemp fibers are the most strong and durable among natural vegetable fibers in the world.

Therefore, hemp socks will last you 5-7 times longer than usual.

Composition hemp men's socks with cotton:
hemp with cotton
A 5% inclusion of lycra / elastane is present in stretchable fabrics. We would really like to avoid this inclusion at the first available chance, however, the 'stretch' is vital to certain designs. We hope for your understanding!

First, through a certain roughness of the hemp fiber, they can feel a little spiky. But they quickly soften and this feeling will pass away soon. They are lightweight and breathable, capable of absorbing the moisture, have antifungal and antibacterial protection. Hemp socks - comfort, health and vigor!
If you want your feet to stay dry and healthy, it is important to pay attention to the socks with hemp in composition.

ADVICE: before first time wearing socks – better to wash them with your hands, so they become more soft and comfortable for your skin, gentle WASHING, with cotton up in warm water.

Our buyers* and friends* responses:

* The socks are superb. I am 100 % happy with this product. I persuaded all my family to wear these hemp socks, they are really breathing, not sweating, and does not have the unpleasant smell.

it is important to note:
The strongest of natural fibers – hemp fibers – can be washed very often. The more often they are washed, the softer they become. However, their durability is not reducing, because the wet hemp fiber is even more strong, than dry.

Wash the socks more often to make them softer! This item ships from Ukraine. Please allow 21 days for delivery.

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