Higher Knowledge - Hemp Diapers

When I first saw these diapers, I was amazed by two facts. Hemp Made, Mom invented. My little one is 5 now, but I wish these were around when she was still in diapers. Hemp diapers? As a Mom I’m thinking.. O.K. now how many moms are thinking — ‘WEED DIAPERS?!?!”

No these diapers, are Industrial Hemp. The same material our Constitution was ascribed on. No Hemp was in everything. Clothing, Ship’s Sails, rope. paper, and so much more. Historically, Hemp has covered our proverbial tushes before. Seems fitting for hemp to be used in diapers, especially when wanting to save the earth for the babies we change.

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Tidy Tots are a truly unique All-In-Two cloth diaper system. The one size cover fits babies like no other diaper on the market. Instead of rows of snaps, Tidy Tots has a patented gusset that automatically adjust the size and fit of the diaper as your baby grows. They fasten on the baby with a long lasting high quality hook and loop.

The insert which is called the No Fold Diaper is made from an organic hemp and cotton blend that snaps into the cover.   On the underside of the diaper is a slit so that boosters can be added to customize the absorbency of the diaper.  The boosters will automatically come out during the wash.
One of my favorite features of this diaper is they come pre-washed and ready to go. To get hemp and cotton to their full absorbency it is recommended you wash them 8-10 times. Tidy Tots has already been prepped for you so you can use them right away!

These diapers are trim, soft, don’t leak and adorable but that is not the best part! The values and ethics behind this company truly make them stand out. Tidy Tots is the epitome of Evolution Mine. Tidy Tots are manufactured in the USA in upstate New York by a facility that hires and support adults with disabilities. They also hire many disabled Veterans.  I have had several conversations both in person and on the phone with the founder, Sandra Beck.  She is truly passionate about giving back and helping those in need.

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So why cloth diapers instead of disposable diapers?

Hassle Free Hemp.

First, why would anyone want to cloth diaper a baby??? Many reasons.. All Good.

1. COST: The biggest thing that scared me was the thought of spending all that money to “test the waters” and see if I even liked cloth. However, when I considered the fact that I was spending about $80 a month on disposable diapers, I realized it would only be a short time before my investment paid for itself. I have come to realize that you do not need a ton of diapers. Sure, you will have an initial investment in your cloth diapering system, but over time... it totally saves you money and pays for itself. Tidy Tots estimates that from birth to potty training, using a Tidy Tots cloth diapering system will save you over $1500. That's significant!

2. WASTE: Disposable diapers are awful for the environment. It takes 500 years for one disposable diaper to decompose!  That is ridiculous. And how many diapers do we go through in a day? I don't want to think about it. The small footprint that these liners have on the Earth is so minimal compared to the approximately 6,000 disposables an average child would go through before training.

3. FASHION: Yes, on a less serious note (although when in L.A. it’s serious) cloth diapers are fashionable in baby fashion terms. Baby Posh, if you will. You can pick some pretty cute prints and they look so comfy and adorable on those chubby little legs! 

4. HYPOALLERGENIC: Some babies are very sensitive to synthetic materials. Tidy Tots diapers use an Organic Hemp Blend to create their diapers and boosters. That means you know what is actually touching your baby's skin all day and all night.  Industrial Hemp is antimicrobial. and wicks sweat away from the baby’s skin.


Now, keeping it real, what are some of the drawbacks of cloth diapering... it's the poop. Nobody wants to deal with poop. I understand. Tidy Tots understands too. That’s why I decided to offer the little Flushies Secure liners (see above picture) to secure inside the diaper so that when the poop appears, you just throw the liner away (or flush it). The liner is made from cornstarch and is biodegradable. Fantastic. Poop problem solved. 

Another issue with cloth diapering is that the actual diaper or booster can bunch up or slide around. Again, Tidy Tots to the rescue. Their system has snaps that secure the actual diaper and booster so that they don't slide around. Genius! (I told you I'm impressed by these, right?...Checkout how EASY they are to use!!

How to use Tidy Tots Diapers

Tidy Tots are AMAZING!

The hemp inserts are very absorbent, and have an opening in the back for the booster to fit inside. The boosters agitate out in the wash, so you don’t have to them. The velcro holds the flushies in place, and then attaches to itself in the wash so it doesn’t snag other laundry. This is a great feature, because the biggest complaint about flushable liners in general, is that they bunch up and don’t catch all the poop!

 I love how you never have to worry about gaps around the legs, poopy diapers are very easy to clean, and the prints are adorable. Just look!

Brittany Stevens