Evolution Mine Defined


Evolution Mine is: #ConsumerActivism.

A new paradigm in shopping. #ConsumerActivism is a new strategy to add the power of purchase to the power of protest. The combination supporting sustainable resources like hemp and bamboo will provide alternatives for consumers.

Alternatives that will lead to bankrupting fossil fuel, petrochemical, and mining companies. Development of commodities that shatter the real glass ceilings for women. How many women do you know of own Oil, Coal, & Petrochemical companies? Women are the key to success for competitive commodities.

Industrial Hemp is becoming Legal.

The main factor? Not the environment. Not the overall health of Americans. Not even the thousands of petitions filed by millions of constituents. The main factor is MONEY. With 2020 elections quickly approaching, a failed ethanol program, a trade war with China that imposes tariffs, politicians are looking for a economic solution.


Evolution Mine introduces disruptive strategies.

Beginning as an online E-tailer, Evolution Mine is committed to offering a hemp and bamboo products that replace toxic resource products as superior options to meet consumer demand.

What you are about to read is the strategy to create sustainable change. Evolution Mine introduces a competition of commodities where actions taken at the consumer level reverberate and disrupt the value chain for fossil fuels.

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Oil and coal are more than energy. Oil and coal become toxic petrochemicals used in consumer products being purchased every day.


Fossil Fuels become Petrochemicals

The "fight for this planet" terminology has been used by the environmentalists. The "fight" falls short of naming an enemy. The "fight" FAILS in epic proportions in having an end goal and strategy. What defines "winning"?

Stopping a pipeline that pushes oil to the railways? The oil is still flowing. No one is going to outlaw oil so government's role becomes limiting the damage greed creates. Government in this arena is useless."

Companies and entrepreneurs have created products from materials readily available to them. Unfortunately, those components were made of toxic commodities - oil, natural gas and coal or their bi-products known as “petrochemicals.”

Oil and coal become toxic petrochemicals used in consumer products being purchased everyday. Citizen power will not defeat the problem. Corporations cross international boundaries rendering U.S. citizens’ power ineffective.

By addressing the materials companies use to build, Evolution Mine starts small and creates a scalable industry that will show an enormous impact on our economies. Consumers can reverse climate change, replenish soils, and localize manufacturing creating jobs while public pressure is turned into tangible action by protesting companies via purchase.



Evolution Mine isolates the causes of Poverty, War, Inequality, Pollution, Corruption, and Toxins to the use of profits by People and Corporations who sell fossil fuels as toxic derivatives to Consumers.

Consumers are purchasing products made of oil and coal. At the same time, Citizens are protesting corruption, environmental damage, toxicity, and inequality directly attributed companies and politicians making money from selling fossil fuels. As long as fossil fuels are profitable, issues the public protests will never end.



Societal issues begin with commodities being sold for profit. Those who make the profit pay for big government you protest. It is all about the dollar.

When looking at what happens to the consumer dollar AFTER a petrochemical purchase is made, the source of the problem is crystal clear. A few companies own each industry. Once these companies receive your money, the profit is used to progress the Oil and Coal Agenda. MORE OIL & COAL.

Oil and coal are toxic commodities. Evidence of this fact is found everywhere. So how does oil and coal continue to expand forsaking all other commodities?

Simple, when profit is concentrated to two globally dependent commodities, profit enters the sphere of influence. The economy is held hostage, the political systems propped up by exports and taxes, candidates' campaigns are funded by - OIL AND COAL.

Do you really expect CHANGE?

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Society needs a solution introduced by the passionate and firmly grounded in business principles. The solution is Evolution Mine. Evolution Mine introduces the collaboration of purchase and protest channeling the anger of the protestors to profitable solutions as a means to replace fossil fuels.

Profitable solutions? Hemp & Bamboo. Hemp and Bamboo replacing Oil and Coal through the empowerment of women is our strategy. You can create your Evolution by replacing oil & coal with hemp & bamboo products. By doing so, you can stop profits funding new pipelines, new politicians, and new agendas. No Big Oil Profits. No Big Oil Problems.

Our formula is simple. Hemp replaces oil. Bamboo replaces Coal. There are many similarities in the two crops, from their uses in consumer products, energy generation, medicinal purposes, and repairing the environment. Big business knows it. What most of the Cannabis crowd does not know, is that Bamboo was placed on the Plant Quarantine Act in 1918. Prohibiting “live” bamboo or seeds to be imported into the U.S.

We believe a commodities proof of potential is often found in how hard companies fight keep commodities from the public. Cannabis wasn’t the only crop attacked by the Nixon Administration. USDA Bamboo agricultural research stations studying the potential of the crop were defunded in the early 70’s. Bamboo research stopped because the results were too competitive for wood, oil and coal industries equally.

If Hemp and Bamboo were sold as mainstream products, those profits dedicated to developing additional products, all we are missing is the power of women to cause the greatest shift of wealth and power in modern history.

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Hemp = Oil, Bamboo + Coal.

These two plants pose a threat to fossil fuel companies. They complement each other in every way.


Similar in climate tolerances these two plants can be grown literally anywhere. These two plants can reverse the effects of climate change, a high unemployment economy, and fossil fuel pollution.

Bamboo and Hemp can grow in over 70% of earth's climate zones. Bamboo and Hemp are low-cost crops needing little water or chemicals. The production costs are low, and areas to grow are abundant.

Bamboo and Industrial Hemp ARE the next cash crop for America.

Both crops have been touted as Billion Dollar Crops featured in Popular Mechanics. Bamboo was featured in 2009 (see the article) and Industrial Hemp in 1938. (see the article). Evolution Mine is at the forefront of seeing both crops become reality.

Bamboo and Hemp also have over 25,000 uses EACH. The wide range of products and chemicals derived from the plants allow for scalability of the resources. Resistance to drought and the ability to grow on polluted lands or less than "pristine" farms equals a lower cost to acquire land vs. other crops like corn which need arable land. Bamboo and hemp are being used in wind turbines, being developed as superconductors for batteries and solar panels, even as bioplastics, and bone implants. These plants are in the infancy of development.

25,000 things, and that’s great: Hemp and bamboo can make a lot of stuff, but Evolution Mine focuses on the products that are commercially viable “It’s a little like asking: What came first — the chicken or the egg? Farmers aren’t going to grow hemp unless there is a market for it, and there won’t be a market for it until farmers start growing it. Enter Evolution Mine and #ConsumerActivism. Demand the crops to underwrite farms, while supplying internationally until domestic production catches up with demand.

Hemp & bamboo can support the same manufacturing boom as the development of fossil fuels derived products like nylon, plastics, and other chemicals caused in the 1950's and 1960's.

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The hemp and bamboo solution
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The advantages are numerous:

Lower cost resources.

Local supply chains, lower transportation costs.

Sustainable resources that won't run out.

Market motivated to buy non toxic alternatives.

Non-Toxic chemicals that will not harm U.S. workers.

Opportunities for US businesses to develop biobased replacements for PRODUCTS SOLD TODAY.

Unabated revenues. Taxes are not used to send a military force to protect oil supplies in the Middle East.

Reuse of abandoned farms and factories.

Business secrets are safer when manufacturing domestically vs. overseas where products are copied.

Resource independence.

Evolution of Women's Rights to develop and support new commodities.

Creation of a circular economy where nothing is wasted, thus solving the landfill problems.

Lower cost healthcare as pollution lowers, and exposure via product use stops.

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Our mission is to sell hemp & bamboo products committing profits to building farms & factories.


Women are the most powerful consumer force in the world. Women make 80% of all consumer purchases. Worldwide, women are a 22 Trillion dollar a year powerhouse. If women want equality, it will be only by a shift in power. The ceiling for women is not made of glass. The ceiling is made of oil and coal, built from profits selling the commodities that are funding elections, lobbying, and legislation. It will continue to be a man’s world while men control over 90% of the world’s oil and coal resources. Oil and coal don’t just provide gas and heat. To sum it up oil, coal, and petrochemicals are everywhere in everything we touch, eat and consume. Solar, wind, or even wave technology will not suddenly end the demands for fossil fuels. Source: American Fuel and Petrochemical Manufacturers Fossil fuels has a new, more profitable, business model.

Women make 80% of all consumer purchases. Oil and coal are in everything consumer’s purchase. So, men sell oil and coal products to women, then use the money to buy politicians that oppress women. Are there options? No. Women haven’t bought them yet. That is why women’s rights take the spotlight for a moment, and are quiet again.

However, if women now decided that oil, coal, and toxic chemicals were unacceptable; women could cause a global disruption. A shift in power. The need for a shift to renewable MATERIALS in consumer products presents an unprecedented opportunity for women to "take over" as they alone have the numbers to support a change in economic and political power.

Being married twice, the father of three daughters, and witnessing the change in attitudes towards women, I see a change needs to happen. We all know it. We all have lists of change we would like to see in our own lives, and the world we live in. I have never understood, especially in today's age where strength is conveyed via technology and unmanned weapons, why women struggle for equality. Women are obviously superior.

One can only assume the lack of realization of power is based on an antiquated system where men control the resources powering and providing everything we need.

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The Reality of the Power of Women

Every products company knows women are the key to a successful product. No wonder.Women represent the largest market opportunity in the world, according to Forbes magazine. Globally, they control $20 trillion in annual consumer spending. In the next five years, it is expected that this number will rise to nearly $30 trillion.

In the United States, women have enormous control, and it’s increasing. Reports range from $5-15 trillion, with Marketing Zeus citing sources that $7 trillion is contributed by women in the U.S. in consumer and business spending. Fleishman Hillard Inc. estimates that women will control two-thirds of the consumer wealth in the U.S. over the next 10 years. That is power.

My wife Amanda and I are trying to cause a spark that grows to a wildfire so the damage ends. Specifically, the death that is connected to fossil fuels from acquisition to consumption. I believe my wife, daughter, and women like her will lead it. Moreover, I know it will take women to stop fossil fuels, by purchase and creating companies to get it done.

By simply framing our societal and environmental problems as economic problems; we may solve all three. All the pieces are scattered about, but they are real. Pick up the pieces, and each other. Come together to bring the pieces together and take over.

In our ultimate arrogance men created the technologies that made our work less labor intensive. In doing so we have leveled the playing field again. Left now to a contest devoid of physical strength, all women can compete directly with men. Maybe in our own Evolution, we are finally getting back on course. Due to our own greed and in a hurry to build we as men have brought this planet to the point of destruction. We need to be secure in ourselves and let those best qualified for the job of evolving “mankind” is best left to those that are predestined to care for mankind. One cannot exist without the other. Hence our dilemma today.In our next stage of human expansion and colonization it will not be fossil fuels carried with us to sustain life.

We must grow what we need sustainably and work again in the environments around us. We have spent the Industrial Revolution preparing for this phase. Perhaps it is time to gain a new respect for the environments that will soon challenge our right to exist again. Just as they did on earth.We have a special view to the future. A picture in time showing how we got here and how we fix it. To progress we must evolve in our thinking, and fix the problems before we outstretch the supplies and supply chains. We need to realize in every way where we came from before we can move forward again. You will see a common theme repeated throughout history prior to Corporate Greed. Plants + Women = Evolution. EVOLVE.

Eric Stevens