Bamboo Turtleneck Sweater

Bamboo Turtleneck Sweater


EvolutionMine is pleased to introduce the Women's Bamboo Turtleneck Sweater from our neighbors to the north; Efforts Industries. An evolution of You in style and #ConsumerActivism, building an #economy4all

Product Features:

* Reinforced stitching, sleeves to the shoulder
* Ribbed cuffs & waistband
* Vegan-friendly & animal cruelty-free knit
* This is probably the softest sweater you’ll wear


70% rayon from Bamboo 30% Cotton

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Hemp and Bamboo. Good for You. Good for the Planet.


Bankrupt Oil, Coal & Petrochemicals.

Protest hasn’t worked. Purchase will. By purchasing bamboo & hemp products you are creating a demand for two plants that can replace oil & coal.

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About Efforts

Efforts Industries has supplied eco-friendly Hemp fabrics to wholesalers, designers, and other environmentally conscious businesses across North America since 1994. Today, we offer more than 20 different hemp & bamboo fabrics.

At Efforts, we seek out quality materials for our products. We ensure that care is taken with the tailoring of our clothes and accessories. And we look to create an enduring style.

Currently, 74 of our products are made right here in Canada - that's over 60% of our product line! We are proud to let you know that this number grows steadily as we add new items each season.