Faceplant Bamboo Women's Swing Jacket - Black

Faceplant Bamboo Women's Swing Jacket - Black


Evolution Mine is pleased to introduce the Faceplant Dreams Faceplant Bamboo Women's Swing Jacket - Black.  Faceplant is 100% Woman owned Bamboo clothing from Tampa, Florida. Faceplant is committed to conducting our business the way their conduct our lives.  Faceplant believes in doing the right thing even when no one is looking.


Faceplant Bamboo Women's Swing Jacket - Black


Our Faceplant Bamboo® Women's Swing Jacket with satin is soft as silk and will be your go-to favorite for lounging around the house or pairing as a casual layer to go out. With comfortable drop-shoulder styling, it's a true one-size-fits-most classic piece. Works great to go out on the town with, or a nice cozy night in. With a great cross-over design, satin detailing, and button elements, this bamboo jacket is the perfect Swing Jacket for everyone, especially new mothers who want a little discretion when feeding, or when at the hospital.  


Bamboo is a renewable resource and makes the most cozy and luxurious fabrics we've found. Besides, Pandas dig it. What's not to love?


Fit/Sizing Tips:

This is truly a one size fits most piece. Beautiful enough for many occasions, it features a very generous cut, with drop shoulders (those with narrow shoulders should check out our 3/4 Convertible Top) and buttons on the inside perfect for when you want it closed.  It crosses over, so it's perfect for mothers wanting a little discretion when feeding, or when at the hospital.  Satin detailing finish off this versatile piece.


Care Instructions:

Love your bamboo and treat it gently.  Cool water on delicate or hand wash setting in a delicates bag will offer the best results.  Dry flat or tumble dry cool in delicates bag.  95% Bamboo Rayon, 5% Spandex.


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