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We are Building an #economy4all

We work with all companies big and small. We believe there are still creators, and new products to be realized. We also know the next big thing is out there that maybe lacks the big company resources to compete.

Evolution Mine Levels the Playing Ground. The ultimate goal of the Evolution Mine business model is to sell hemp and bamboo products that take market share from petrochemical based competitors.

By moving forward together, our respective companies grow together, while presenting a united front against our petrochemical based competitors.

 No CO-OP Fees. No Net Terms.



A new Paradigm in Shopping.

Evolution Mine does not sell Hemp & Bamboo for lower prices. We sell Hemp & Bamboo products for a higher cause. Evolution Mine creates featurettes on your company. It's your product, and your story. We know our audience will relate. Through our media relationships, our blogs will be carried to audiences of over 1,400,000 unique viewers and growing.

*Evolution Mine will soon be featured in various news outlets in the EU.

Be Free to Create


Hemp & Bamboo grown by everyone. Finally resources that are available to all! We encourage the creation of new products, new ideas, and new ways forward.

We want dreamers

Building an #Economy4All

Evolution Mine looks forward to working with you to build a hemp and bamboo based economy. We realize "economy" sounds a little far out of reach. However, it is closer than you think, Evolution Mine follows the fossil fuels business model of tiered products and cohesion.

What you need to know

What You Need to Know

Please don’t fail us or your customers. We work hard to prove the merits of hemp and bamboo, not just for the amazing environmental, and healing benefits. Hemp & Bamboo must be superior in the products we sell. We hold ourselves and our vendors to the highest standards. Where there are no standards that exist, we create them.

Ask yourself - can you?

  • Provide superior quality products consistently?

  • Will you manufacture to the highest environmental standards?

  • Will you ensure your workforce is paid fairly and treated well?

  • Will you commit to manufacturing in the U.S. if the options exist?

  • Will you keep it real? We strive to provide ONLY Organic and NON GMO products that are Toxin free.

Building together

Build Together

This is where it starts. We are not another company looking to break your bottom line. We are looking to build it. We grow together.

To the small business owner the impact of their actions are limited to a bank balance and where they apply the profits. We know. We were small business owners too. We have experienced online trends, working with bloggers, negotiating retail contracts only to have products tested in select stores, and returned. We've also been through the ad coop programs, product sourcing, and the horror of purchase order financing.

Evolution Mine is different.

  • We work with companies to grow cost efficiently and forecast growth.

  • We bring supply chain options from seed to sales by working with leading industry associations, and crowdfunding in your community.

  • We work with government to create tax incentive packages with low cost land and vocational programs to support a workforce.

  • We submit your pages for your branding and creative approvals prior to marketing release.

  • We respect brand integrity. We honor your MAP or MSRP.

When you need a kickstart or new product development we work much the same way. We are built by the communities we serve and look to them to support your new creation. We sometimes partner with the right product to create a crowdfunded business.


Here’s Your Seat

Will you take part in real change?