Bamboo Shampoo & Bodywash

Bamboo Shampoo & Bodywash


Evolution Mine introduces Bamboo Leaf Tea - Bamboo Shampoo & Bodywash made from bamboo grown organically in Florida. 


This liquid soap/shampoo is specially formulated for healing and detoxing the skin. It has the power of bamboo in every part of it as well as activated bamboo charcoal. It is soft and is perfect for sensitive skin or for skin/scalp issues. It has no chemicals of any kind!
Uses include: acne, eczema, skin irritations, make-up removal, insect bites, wound care, and general detoxification.
Ingredients: organic Bamboo Leaf Tea, organic bamboo infused hemp oil, saponified organic virgin coconut oil, organic castor bean oil, organic grapefruit seed extract, activated bamboo charcoal

Bamboo is rich in silica as well as other minerals. Silica is a building block of collagen and works to nourish the skin. Silica improves the elasticity in your skin giving it a more youthful appearance. Skin is the largest organ of your body, what you bathe in matters. Products applied to the skin do not go through the filter of the liver but enter the blood stream directly. This soap has nothing harmful only nutritive ingredients.

Activated bamboo charcoal is a powerhouse element. It works by adhering to the positively charged elements which tend to be toxins. It binds to them and pulls them from the body. It is such a powerful tool and works really well in the liquid soap. Many customers have loved our Activated Charcoal Soap for healing acne and eczema. We think you will love this liquid format.

  • promotes hair growth
  • increases nail strength
  • prevents and decreases gray hair
  • improves bone density
  • reduces the time it takes to heal bone fractures by up to half
  • improves digestive health
  • regulates digestion
  • relieves constipation
  • supports the liver
  • detoxifies the body
  • aids the body in eliminating aluminum



Like other plant teas, the micronutrients in bamboo leaf tea may have an effect on some of your body systems. Polyphenols can reduce free radical cell damage, and may slow aging. Catechins interfere with your processing of dietary fat, which might help you lose weight and reduce your cholesterol production. In his book "The Superfoods Rx," Dr. Stephen Pratt reports that most teas contain high levels of both. Proponents of bamboo leaf tea state that it contains amounts of both similar to those in green tea -- however, no clinical data supports this claim as of 2011. Credit:


These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

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