Bamboo Aftershave - Spice

Bamboo Aftershave - Spice


Evolution Mine introduces Bamboo Leaf Tea - Bamboo Spice Aftershave made from bamboo grown organically in Florida. 

This product is made from 100 % bamboo extract, no chemicals, no fillers, no extras. This is a blend of clove, vetiver, frankincense, myrrh, and patchouli in bamboo extracts. It’s earthy and grounding and feels wonderful on the skin. Bamboo has an amazing ability to instantly heal skin irritations like razor burn or irritations due to shaving. Simply spray the face after shaving and it works instantly.

  • razor burn

  • razor bumps

  • dry skin

  • skin irritations

  • sun burn

  • We have formulated this product to have the highest amount of nutrition for your skin. It has a fresh, slightly earthy smell.

Simply spray and feel instantly the nourishing effects of bamboo on the skin. The skin will soak up the spray which is rich in silica. Bamboo has a superpower of healing skin irritations. There are no chemicals and no junk.

promotes hair growth and nail strength
building block of collagen – rejuvenates the skin
essential for bone growth and strength, has been shown to increase bone density
aids the body in eliminating aluminum
strengthens the cardiovascular system
supports white blood cell function
remineralizes and strengthens teeth and gums


Like other plant teas, the micronutrients in bamboo leaf tea may have an effect on some of your body systems. Polyphenols can reduce free radical cell damage, and may slow aging. Catechins interfere with your processing of dietary fat, which might help you lose weight and reduce your cholesterol production. In his book "The Superfoods Rx," Dr. Stephen Pratt reports that most teas contain high levels of both. Proponents of bamboo leaf tea state that it contains amounts of both similar to those in green tea -- however, no clinical data supports this claim as of 2011. Credit:

These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

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