Flushies Organic Hemp Biodegradable Diaper Liners 3 pack

Flushies Organic Hemp Biodegradable Diaper Liners 3 pack


Evolution Mine introduces Tidy Tots Organic Hemp Biodegradable Diaper Liners 3 pack, made in the USA. Tidy Tots Hemp diapers have won numerous awards including Parent Tested, Parent approved, and Baby Maternity Magazine voted Top Choice 3 years in a row!!

Save Money with Tidy Tots! Tidy Tots makes your life easier and saves you money compared with disposables and other cloth diaper brands.  Tidy Tots is the mission of Evolution Mine. Woman Owned, Hemp made right here in the USA. 

Soothing, soft diaper liners made of Bamboo & Hemp. Unlike other diaper liners, Flushies snap into the cover with the diaper, so they are secure. Makes changing time easy - no spraying, no scraping, no ick. Simply remove and flush. Roll of 50

  • 3 packs of 50 (150) Flushies Flushable Diaper Liners

  • Plush hemp/Bamboo blend cuddles babies bottoms

  • Biodegradable diaper liners secure in Tidy Tots Diapers

  • Oversized liners wrap around and protect the whole diaper

  • Just flush away the mess!


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Hemp and Bamboo. Good for You. Good for the Planet.

How to use Tidy Tots Diapers

Bankrupt Oil, Coal & Petrochemicals.

Protest hasn’t worked. Purchase will. By purchasing bamboo & hemp products you are creating a demand for two plants that can replace oil & coal.

Tidy Tots

Tidy Tots is the healthiest choice for baby. Our No Fold diaper is made from a 100% organic hemp blend. Our Flushies are made from an organic blend too.

Using natural and organic products next to your baby’s delicate bum ensures that you are reducing their exposure to chemicals. Common sense indicates that baby’s wet bottom sitting in chemicals is not the healthiest of choices. Happy days and peaceful nights. Our hemp diapers keep your baby dry and leak free, which makes for a content baby and delighted family.

Hemp is an ideal choice for cloth diaper material because of its unparalleled absorbency and natural antibacterial properties which helps keep baby rash free.