Bamboo Soft Baby Blanket - Solid

Bamboo Soft Baby Blanket - Solid


Evolution Mine Presents Kyte Baby - the Bamboo Baby Blanket   Kyte Baby is a woman owned company located in California. The founder Ying Liu, a mom with her PhD in Economics and history in design decided to design her own sleep solution made of the incredible bamboo fabric. At Kyte BABY, they are dedicated to the safety, comfort and security of your kids. Everything Kyte Baby lovingly designs is made of the incredibly soft and breathable bamboo material. This means their  products are as great for the environment as for your kids.


Baby Blanket


Our infant and toddler blankets are cozy and soft to the touch. The gentle rayon from bamboo fabric has a silky smooth feeling that will keep your little ones cozy and warm and bring comfort and snugness during cuddle times. 




 Exterior: 97% Bamboo of Rayon, 3% Spandex 

 Interior: 100% Polyester



33 in x 33 in; 84 cm x 84 cm

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