Bamboo Skateboards

Bamboo Skateboards is an Oceanside, California skateboard brand and manufacturer of skateboards made from bamboo from managed forests.

Creating skate decks that are made 100 percent out of bamboo and bamboo hybrids, the Southern California company competes in the dog-eat-dog skate industry, where a majority of the manufacturers use less sustainable maple wood for their decks.

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Bamboo Skateboards is located in beautiful Rainbow, in Northern San Diego county California. In 2008, we learned that the craze for maple skateboards was having a destructive effect on old-growth forests. It takes 60 years for a maple tree to mature enough to harvest. We decided to accept the challenge of creating an eco-friendly alternative to maple decks that provides superior durability, pop, performance, all at a competitive cost.

We are a company that believes we can invoke positive change to benefit the world. This belief is fundamental to who we are and is extremely valuable to everyone who supports our cause!

We love our fans, and our fans love our skateboards. We’ve received messages from customers all over the world who are stoked that our boards are lasting them on average 3 weeks longer than the maple skateboards they used to skate. Just another way Bamboo Skateboards is working hard to evolve skateboarding.


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