Woombie Bamboo Mod Baby Knot Hat

Woombie Bamboo Mod Baby Knot Hat


Evolution Mine is proud to present the Woombie Bamboo Baby Mod Baby Knot Hat. The Woombie is designed and sold by a RN/BSN, Mom’Preneur! 


The Bamboo Baby Knot Hat


Mod’Hats are not only beautiful, but soft &luxurious as well. Match your sleepwear or swaddle with one of our gorgeous designs!You will fall in love with our new bamboo/spandex knotted baby hats! Soft and vintage…


    Karen Barski Designs is a family owned business which was built with the love and safety of babies in mind – with a sensitivity towards mom’s and dad’s needs too. All of our products are geared towards the theme SWADDLE, SNUGGLE, AND SLEEP. KBD are Environmentally conscious, as all of their products are manufactured in an eco-friendly factory and manner. No harsh chemicals, no flame retardants. They practice strict compliance per CPSIA standards. Strict safety testing using CPSIA standards and testing in a CPSIA third party accredited testing facility are top priority.


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